Web Hosting, made easy.

It’s time to turn on cruise control and relax.  We’ve got your back.


State of art security

Security is very important to us. We run frequent security audits to maintain PCI DSS compliance. All WordPress instances are kept up to date for the core, themes, and plugins.  The server is constantly kept up to date.  We have firewall and antivirus monitoring.  We maintain weekly backups.  We even made sure our SSL was graded at A+.  Check it out, we’re pretty proud of it. And the best part? It’s all free for our customers, including you!


We’re able to grow with you.  Don’t worry about it if your website gets insane amount of traffic, we’re able to handle it.  Got a lot of websites? No problem, we can handle it.  Maybe you have an unique website that’s not running off WordPress and is running off something such as Ruby, NodeJS, or even straight up vanilla HTML? No problem, we can handle it all.


Maintaining a personal connection with our clients is pretty important to us.  Prefer to communicate with us via FaceTime? Email? Text? Facebook Messaging? Or even via American Sign Language? No problem.  Reach out any time and we’ll be happy to chat!

Let us help you succeed!

We’re geeks.  We have many skilled tentacles, erm, hands to get the job done.  It’s our goal to make the experience an easy and as low-stress as possible.  We want you to be able to sit back and relax.

Options for every need

In addition to the options below, we’ll even do a basic move of your website for free. Yes, free.  We’ll back up your website regularly for free. Pretty sweet — and more importantly — easy!

Not sure which option you’ll need? Message us and we’ll work together to figure it out.

Whatever your needs are, we’ve got options for you.

Domain Registration

We also have the ability to support you with your domain registration needs.  If you have a domain with another registrar that is about to expire, we can handle the transfer of the domain to our system and we’ll handle all of the domain maintenance headaches for you.

If you don’t have a domain to use with your web hosting, register your domain with us!

We charge a flat rate of $20 for: .COM, .NET, and .ORG.  Want a different kind of domain, maybe .US, .BIZ, or even .EXPERT? We can help with those too, send us a message!

Prefer to keep your domain with your current registrar? No problem, our web hosting is set up to work with any method you may prefer for domain registration!

Our Features

All Hosting Plans Include

Ease of Contact

We’re just an email away. Prefer to talk to us via social media? Go ahead. Prefer to call us? Ring us up. Need to talk in sign language? No problem!

Outage Monitoring

Outages aren’t cool. We keep a close eye on our servers and put in measures to minimize outages. We know how important your website is!

Security Matters

We don’t like getting hacked. We know you don’t too. We work hard to make sure our server AND your website stays secure.

Basic Migration

Need help moving your website from your old to our server? As long as your website isn’t complex, we will move it to our server for you. Free.

Always Back Everything Up!

We back up every website once a week, and keep the last four backups. Need your website restored? Hit us up and let’s make it happen!


We work hard to stay on the edge of developing tech, which means always working to find a way to make our server faster, smarter, and more secure!

Premium Services

Need a Fix?

Did something happen to your website and you need someone to jump in and rescue it? Hey, it happens, we completely get it. We’ll work hard to help fix it!

Just want to do a quick update? We do that too!

Custom Migration

Want to switch hosting to KrakenGeek, but have a complex website and requires special handling? No problem, we’ll work hard to get everything moved and make sure everything is working.

Join the Future!

Don’t want to switch hosting to KrakenGeek, but you’d like us to run a full analysis of your website to check for outdated stuff, security issues, and performance issues, then fix them all for you? No problem!

Ready to relax?

Saw enough and want to jump aboard with KrakenGeek? We seriously want you to be able to relax and just worry about your organization. Turn on that cruise mode!